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ALS TechLabs was created to combine Alliance Laundry Systems’ 111 years of laundry industry knowledge with cutting edge technological innovation – and to give our customers the most advanced laundry solutions in the world.

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ALS TechLabs – powered by Alliance Laundry Systems, the global leader in commercial laundry equipment – is a collaboration initiative designed to fuel rapid innovation and long-term development for the commercial laundry industry.

Initiatives for ALS TechLabs are run independently from other company R&D projects and are guided by direct customer input, helping the Global Technology Group to deliver transformative solutions for the owners and users of Alliance-built equipment.

Whether you work for a startup, a global organization or somewhere in between – if you have a game-changing partnership idea, we want to connect.

Explore the information below to learn more about ALS TechLabs and its partners – or drop us a note via the contact information below.

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We believe incremental improvements can make a powerful impact.

Alliance Laundry Systems is committed to pursuing technology initiatives that add value and enhance the lives of the people who own or use our products.

We are focused on initiatives that allow us to:

offer a new product or service enhance customer profitability optimize customer operations or reduce costs deliver and exceptional experience with Alliance Laundry

Learn how ALS TechLabs is shaping the future of laundry.

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Jamie Sewell
Director of Technology Engagement

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Jamie Sewell

Director of Technology Engagement
Alliance Laundry Systems

Jamie Sewell is the Director of Technology Engagement for Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) and works at the intersection of technology innovation and customer engagement for the Global Technology Group. In this role, she works to cultivate strategic partnerships for ALS TechLabs and leads the Technology Engagement team to ensure the Voice of the Customer is being accurately reflected for new and existing technology products.

Jamie started her career in laundry as the Director of Marketing for the Coin Laundry Association and was a founding member of Washlava, a mobile-first laundry technology startup, where she led sales and marketing.

Prior to the laundry industry, Jamie held sales and marketing roles for the University of Chicago, a touch screen technology manufacturer, and Dell Computers.

Meet some of our amazing partners

Lavo utilizes real-time Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to make improved decisions around chemical dispensing accuracy and efficiency of service to improve wash quality. Through this industry exclusive partnership, Lavo and Alliance Laundry Systems deliver a patented, proof of clean (TotalProof) wash experience on every cycle through UniMac's cloud-based TotalVue 2.0 platform.
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Atrium is a campus card management solution that can be easily scaled to support the expanding needs of contemporary campuses. Through this partnership, college students are able to pay seamlessly for laundry from their Atrium-based campus card using the Speed Queen app.
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Degaltec builds custom software and hardware solutions and specializes in IoT implementations for remote monitoring, control and automation. Through this partnership, laundry customers in Europe can pay for laundry through the Wash It app and owners can access remote machine monitoring and management for Speed Queen, Primus and Ipso equipment.
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Explore some of our current Technology Solutions

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