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If your laundromat equipment is outdated, outclassed or out-of-service, it’s time to revamp your laundromat. New laundromat machines can transform your laundromat from just-getting-by to profitable and efficient. Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution can not only provide you with new equipment, but the support you need for greater efficiencies, less downtime and fewer headaches.

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Modernize With Premium Laundromat Equipment

Machines with heavy-duty construction and modern functionality last for years with low maintenance costs, fewer repairs and increased customer retention. That’s why Speed Queen® uses metal parts instead of plastic, designs machines with fewer moving parts and uses modern laundromat technology. And we back our commercial washing machines and dryers with industry-leading warranties for your peace of mind.

Get Started on Your Laundromat Machine Replacement Today.

Take a step toward profitability, efficiency and customer retention with new laundromat washers and dryers from Alliance Distribution.

Technology to Transform Customer Retention and Your Bottom Line

Introduce customer engagement, an exceptional experience and boosted profits to your laundromat with Quantum® Touch controls.

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Cycle Modifiers Motivate customers to upgrade their wash options, adding to your bottom line.

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Time-of-Day Pricing Adjust pricing on the days and times when your store is at its busiest.

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Flexible Payment Options Offer the payment options your customers prefer—coins, cards, cash or mobile pay.

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Eye-Catching Prompts These clear descriptions give customers a reason to say yes to premium wash options and build loyalty for higher profits.

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Lower Utility Costs Save money with energy efficient laundromat equipment. Cut down on dry times and monthly bills with powerful water extraction.

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Save What Matters Most Eliminate wasted water with leak detection alerts and programmable water levels that put you in control of water usage.

Experience the Total Laundromat Package in 360°.

See firsthand what it looks like when top-of-the-line technology is combined with durable equipment in a welcoming environment. It’s a customer experience like no other.

The store design within the tool is a complete trademarked Speed Queen® Franchise Store™.

Retool Your Laundromat With an Experienced, Trusted Partner.

Having the right partner can be the difference between success and failure when replacing laundromat equipment. Rely on a century of experience with 110+ years in the laundry industry and the expert service from our Southern office with global backing from Alliance Laundry Systems.

We’re your full-service partner through every stage of your business. We don’t just sell equipment—we help you every step of the way.

Our unmatched services include:

  • In-house install crew
  • Factory-trained, in-house servicers
  • Genuine Parts replacement
  • Full service-site selection, demographics, financing
  • Store layout and design based on market

We don’t cut corners, we take care of our customers.

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Revamping for Return on Investment.

See what happened when store owner Nick Luzecky revamped his laundromat with new laundromat equipment.

Maximize Savings With Our Replacement Promotions

    Fixed For 7.99%* 90 Days Deferred Payment

  • New replacement equipment purchases only for the laundromat segment
  • Fixed 7.99% First 12 months*
  • 90 days deferred payment
  • Variable rate for remaining of term WSJ Prime + 1.75% Rate Determined by term of loans**
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Maximum terms:
    • Loans < $50k = 60 month
    • Loans > $50k = 84 months
    • Loans > $100k = 96 months
    • Loans > $500,000 = 108 to 120 months
  • Admin fee – .50% ($500 Min. Admin Fee) capitalized into finance amount
  • No security deposits
  • Minimum term – 60 months
  • No maximum finance amount
  • Application deadline: 06/30/2024
  • Funding deadline: 09/30/2024
  • Available in USA only through participating distributor partners
  • ACH Automatic Debit is determined by credit score (if credit score is < 675, then ACH is required)

**60 month term – Variable rate of WSJ Prime + 2.00%
**84 month term – Variable rate of WSJ Prime + 1.75%
**96 month term – Variable rate of WSJ Prime + 1.75%
Rates are subject to satisfactory credit score
Alliance Laundry Systems reserves the right to withdraw program earlier

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