What should you expect from a true full-service laundry distributor?
Across-the-board expert service with no exceptions. This means the best equipment at the lowest cost over the life of the machine. The shortest lead times. Extensive resources for parts, service and expertise. And absolutely no outsourcing.
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What You'll Get From Us That you Won't Get From Our Competitors

One Contact

Need an overhaul? Repairs? Supplies? Maintenance? Training? That’s all us, plus everything else laundry. Simplify your business with a single point of contact. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of getting passed around from place to place. We’ll build a history with you to truly know your needs, and more importantly, to know you.

Without Delays

Every turn of every day contributes to your revenue. When a machine is down or your growing store needs new equipment, there’s no time to waste. We have inventory, and we’ll get equipment to you quickly with short lead times that lead to your strongest profits.

Consistent Strength You Can Depend On

The equipment you select is an investment in your earnings, your time and your store’s future. Set yourself up for profitability, headache-free days and a promising future with easy-to-use machines that last. Combine that with Alliance Distribution as your long-term partner, and you’re ready for anything. When you need parts, maintenance, training, installs, supplies and just about anything else, you’ll move swiftly with our support to back you.

Give Me Full Support

Ready for a Powerful Relationship?

If you’re not getting this from your current “distributor,” it might be time to reevaluate your partnership. Raise your expectations when you work with Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution for stronger support in every detail.

Speed Queen®

The name Speed Queen is synonymous with durability. Just ask a Speed Queen machine owner. We’re so confident in these machines’ reliability that we offer an industry-leading warranty.

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Parts are made from metal, not plastic.

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Machines are designed with fewer moving parts.

speed queen app icon

Customers pay with coins, cash, cards or mobile pay through the Speed Queen app.

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Offer alerts when a customer’s cycle has a few minutes left through the Speed Queen app.

SpeedQueen machines side by side
Huebsch machines side by side


Stand out from the crowd with attention-grabbing Huebsch equipment. These machines are designed to keep customers coming back and stand the test of time.

touchpad icon

Easy-to-use touch screens offer cycle modifiers for a custom wash.

phone icon

Convenient payment options and multilingual controls draw a wide customer base.

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Eco-friendly cycles save 140,000+ gallons of water per year.

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Washer-extractors handle 36% more out-of-balance weight.

One Speed Queen
washer-extractor saves


gallons of water per month

Huebsch machine
usage cuts utility costs by


each year, per machine

See How the Savings Add Up

When you look at equipment costs, utility bills and repairs over the life of a machine, energy-efficient equipment comes out on top with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Fewer repair

Higher extraction speeds for shorter dry times and lower energy bills

Lower maintenance

Maximize Savings With Our Replacement Promotions

    Fixed For 7.99%* 90 Days Deferred Payment

  • New replacement equipment purchases only for the laundromat segment
  • Fixed 7.99% First 12 months*
  • 90 days deferred payment
  • Variable rate for remaining of term WSJ Prime + 1.75% Rate Determined by term of loans**
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Maximum terms:
    • Loans < $50k = 60 month
    • Loans > $50k = 84 months
    • Loans > $100k = 96 months
    • Loans > $500,000 = 108 to 120 months
  • Admin fee – .50% ($500 Min. Admin Fee) capitalized into finance amount
  • No security deposits
  • Minimum term – 60 months
  • No maximum finance amount
  • Application deadline: 06/30/2024
  • Funding deadline: 09/30/2024
  • Available in USA only through participating distributor partners
  • ACH Automatic Debit is determined by credit score (if credit score is < 675, then ACH is required)

**60 month term – Variable rate of WSJ Prime + 2.00%
**84 month term – Variable rate of WSJ Prime + 1.75%
**96 month term – Variable rate of WSJ Prime + 1.75%
Rates are subject to satisfactory credit score
Alliance Laundry Systems reserves the right to withdraw program earlier

Save Now

The True Distributor You Can Count On

We take the name “full-service distributor” seriously, because your store depends on it. We’re fully invested in a partnership with you.

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Full Service If it’s something you need for laundry, it’s something we can do for you. Installs, maintenance, service, site selection, demographics, financing, store layout and the list goes on.

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Full Strength Combine our experienced team with the proven performance of Speed Queen and Huebsch for unlimited potential.

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Full Parts Inventory We’re directly connected to the manufacturer, which means you have easy access parts made specifically for your machine.

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Full Support Backed by Experience Our loyal team is dedicated to you with backing from Alliance Laundry Systems. Every bit of our 100+ years of experience in the laundry industry is used to drive your business.

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Full Visibility Our services are performed by in-house, factory-trained technicians. No third parties, so you always know who you’re working with.

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Full Provision We believe in quick availability for equipment and parts because waiting costs you money. Count on the shortest lead times in the business.